Steelhead Sunset

Steelhead Sunset


Features of the Steelhead Sunset

The fly is popular for big trout in Australia and New Zealand.

The brilliantly colored fly doesn't appear very bright when it's submerged.

The vivid orange and yellows of the fly become brown and the deeper you fish it, the browner it becomes.

Although intended for large brown trout, and by the way it also works great for Great Lakes brown trout that move into the rivers, it also works great for steelhead.

Over the last few years it has become a popular Great Lakes steelhead fly pattern.

This is also a great fly in the steelhead streams of the West Coast.

This fly should be fished on the swing.

Although it may first appear to be a good off color water or high water fly, it also works great for low water conditions.

We think this is because of the brownish tint it takes on when it's in the water.

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