Green Drake, Carnage, Trina's

Green Drake, Carnage, Trina's


Features of the Green Drake, Carnage, Trina's

The Carnage Green Drake dry fly is one of the most realistic Drake patterns available.

The perfectly tapered extended foam body along with an exquisite tail and super fine legs match a Green Drake exactly.

The parachute hackle makes it float upright with a low profile.

This closely matches the mayfly duns on the water and makes the fly extremely easy to see.

These features make it one of the best patterns for flat water and selective fish.

The Carnage Drake will work on almost any water and is a must have pattern.

Green Drake Emergers and Duns are easy to catch and have a tremendous food value.

This makes big fish feed when Drakes are around.

Anglers eagerly await the first signs of hatching Drakes and often travel great distances to fish the famous hatch.

$ 2.25